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Getting To Grips With APR

What Is APR?

APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is the interest that is payable on the money that you borrow. When looking at short term loans like payday loans, APR is a bit of a tricky subject as the rate at first glance seems extremely high. Because APR is an annual rate, when it is used to calculate the rate of loans that have durations of less than 1 year, the APR starts to inflate. This is because it is very difficult to compare the APR for one loan with a 30 day duration, to the APR for another loan with a 20 year duration like a mortgage.

annual percentage rate

So, What Does It All Mean?

As payday loans are financial products, all payday loans lenders must legally display their APR. That is why they also tell you upfront in real terms how much you will need to repay. An easier way to look at repayments is the transparent costs instead of the APR, for example if you borrow £200, you will have to pay back £269.90 after 30 days. Continue reading

Protect then Exploit your IP Rights

Patent and trade mark rights are worthless unless they are exploited. It doesn’t matter what product your business makes, or what service it provides, every enterprise is regularly generating and applying a considerable amount of intellectual property. However the majority are not taking steps to protect, manage and enforce their IP rights. Some are even using intellectual property that belongs to others, without permission to do so.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) represent over 90% of businesses throughout the globe. They are the driving force behind innovation, and contribute to the growth of the economy through job creation, investments and exports. However SMEs typically underutilise the IP system. They do not adequately protect their business against copycats, until in most cases it is too late to do so.

IP Rights

Businesses tend not to consider the importance of IP from the outset of launching their business. It forms just another subject or hurdle, getting in the way of them getting their new product or service out there. They invest their resources into marketing their new venture, and overlook protecting that venture before they do so. Yet the backbone of marketing is a brand, and that brand should be protected!

Whilst intellectual property rights are not worth much unless they are properly exploited, businesses tend to seek to exploit before they even have those rights secured. Every business needs an IP strategy from the outset. It is not a subject that should be brushed under the carpet.

Protect… then exploit… your intellectual property.

Upcoming Job Interview? Get Some New Clothes With A Cash Loan

You’ve finally decided to further your career and apply for that job you’ve had your eye on recently – good for you! Thousands of people every year change jobs, be it for more pay, more prospects or for a change in lifestyle. If you’re looking to make a great first impression on your big day the chance are you’ll want to look your best. That shabby old suit you’ve got in the wardrobe could still look all right, but if this is the job you’ve always wanted why not splash out a bit and treat yourself to something sharp and in fashion?

But wait, there’s a snag – your interview is booked in before your next payday and you don’t have enough spare cash to spend right now. I guess last year’s business suit will have to do this time round, or you could apply for a cash loan and walk into that interview knowing you look the best you possibly can.

How Short Term Loans Can Help

Short term loans are perfect for people looking to borrow up to £1000 instantly. You apply online, wait a few seconds to receive your decision and the cash can be transferred to your account within one hour.

Once you’ve received your instant loan and you’re out looking for that perfect outfit bare this one simple fact in mind: dressing one step above the position you’re applying for will sub consciously show your willingness to advance within the company. So if you’re applying for an executive’s job, dress as if you’re applying for a mangers job. Likewise if your entry point is at a managerial level, dress to impress as though you’re applying for a director’s position. Make sure your shoes are polished; your accessories are subtle and above all else, be confident and know in your heart that you look the part.

Guide to Windshield Repair & Replacement Costs

Windshields are deliberately constructed to be some of the most durable glass on the market – anywhere. And that’s no accident. In addition to being the first line of defense against threats as small as birds and bugs, and as severe as highway accidents and flying debris, these large panes of automobile glass are heavily regulated in the United States and abroad. The domestic body in charge of regulating automobile glass and installation procedures is the National Highway Traffic Safety Association. They are responsible not only for regulating the safety of windshields, but for regulating the safety of virtually every other aspect of a vehicle. Together, these regulations are the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Regulations. They provide a way to evaluate vehicle safety and ensure high quality service and repairs and appropriate responses by insurance companies when a windshield has been damaged by debris or an automobile accident. After airbags and seatbelts, they are a vehicle’s third most important safety component.

Obtaining a replacement is a relatively easy process as there are a number of reputable companies offering affordable repairs that are specifically designed to meet insurance company and federal safety standards. The cost is relatively low and easily accessible even for budget-conscious consumers.

crack in windshield

Replacement Cost and Factors

The industry average price for a full restoration is typically quite low, especially compared to what the average consumer is prepared to pay when requesting this type of repair. Auto industry experts generally estimate the average cost of replacement ranges between $100 and $350, though they caution that these prices can fluctuate greatly depending on several factors including the make and model of the vehicle that needs a replacement. This is generally because some vehicles use radically different shapes and architectures, as well as more labor-intensive attachment hardware. For example, high end vehicles are often more expensive due to special installation or requirements. These situations drive up labor costs and the time it takes to repair a car’s windshield. As anyone who has owned a car for a significant amount of time will understand, time is certainly money when it comes to this type of repair. For this reason, car owners who require a replacement should get a quote from several different service companies in their area in order to find the best valued service. They should also seek to understand how the make, model, and year of their vehicle might impact the cost they’ll be charged for a repair.

Another factor is whether you bring your car to the service center or they come to you. Mobile replacement & repair services are very convenient, but they cost a little bit more. Finally, it depends on how long you can wait for the procedure to be completed. Same or next-day service is usually priced at a a premium, so if you can wait a few days you can save some money.

Damaged windshields do not always require replacement, however. Repairing chips or cracks caused by debris is considerably less expensive and is usually somewhere between $20 and $60. Mobile service is typically on the higher end of that range. Each additional chip will be around $10-$20. The longer the crack, the more expensive the repair will be. Those with cracks longer than 2 feet are usually replaced as they cannot be fixed safely. Many auto insurance companies will completely cover these repairs without a deductible in order to avoid getting a replacement.

windshield being repaired

Furthermore, if the damage is the result of an accident on the road, or you have comprehensive coverage, insurance companies may cover some or all of the fees associated with the repair. Always check with your insurance company if the damage is classified as the result of an accident and to find out if there is a deductible (and if so, what it is) to see if it’s worth making a claim. This cost-saving measure is, after all, paid for by most drivers when they sign up for a policy in the first place.

What the Cost Includes

Prices are generally all-inclusive, although this might vary depending on the company chosen to complete the job. It may also vary based on whether or not an insurance company’s policy is involved in paying for part or all of the costs associated with a replacement. Most auto glass service centers offer guarantees or warranties with their work. Continue reading

Get out of Debt – Clear the Way for a Brighter Financial Future!

Deep debts? Don’t bury your head in the sand! Help is at hand if you are looking for an effective means to get out of debt. But how do you know when your debts have spun out of control? Take this short test and find out!

Constantly missing repayments on credit cards, store cards or loans?
Borrowing on one card to repay another?
Dread opening your mail or answering your phone fearing creditor harassment?
Borrowing from family and friends and not paying them back?
Turned down for credit?
Monthly income never sufficient for your payments?
Panic when confronted with sudden expenses?

Get out of Debt

If you answered YES to these questions your debts are a concern. Getting out of debt may appear to be an uphill task for many. But with a little effort and minimal sacrifices you can get out of debt. Start by going through your bank statements to work out where exactly your money is going and calculate a realistic budget for your needs. While trying to get out of debt, remember not to acquire more debts.

Classify all your debts into priority debts and non priority debts. Priority debts are the debts that require immediate attention. They include mortgage or any loan secured against your home. Money owed for tax, VAT or insurance also comes under priority debts. These are priority debts because failure to repay may lead to repossession of your home or legal action. On the other hand non priority debts include various unsecured loans like credit card debts, money borrowed from friends and family.

How to get out of debt?

You can allay your debt fears with the help of a debt solution suited for your circumstances. Be it debt management, debt reduction or an IVA, many good companies can help you clear up to 75% of your debts with in a span of 60 months and influence your credit score positively.

Debt management: You just have to enroll in our debt management program to deal with your debts. Debt management experts will negotiate on your behalf with your creditors and help you consolidate all your unsecured loans and get a reduced single reduced monthly installment that you can afford.

Consolidation Loans: Debt Consolidation Loans will bring together all your high interest debts into an affordable and easy to manage monthly payment, it will help you get out of debt in five years or less.

IVA: Legally binding debt solution which you can avail with the help of an Insolvency Practitioner.

Bankruptcy: Generally considered to be the last resort for a debtor.

Egyptian cotton bed linen bedding and towels

When you choose Egyptian cotton bed linen or sheets you are right to be doing a bit of exploration before. Because these items are expensive it can sometimes happen that you discover a website that is not trustworthy and end up giving them your money when it would be better not to. This is why we are going to discuss about some things you can do to assure that you are only going to use trusted websites for your Egyptian cotton sheets  requirements.

cotton_towelsThere are many things to be aware of in the world of the internet today because many people can use your money and not give you what you want for it. If you are looking for soft and durable sheets you may be tempted to buy Egyptian cotton bed linen because they are the entire craze these days. This is a great idea because they can be a fabulous product but you also want to make sure that you are getting what you pay for. Here we will discuss this matter.

We all know that there are high and low quality items for anything you could want. You can find a box of semolina pasta that is the top notch quality and it can run you ten dollars if someone made it in a fancy organic kitchen and did the label themselves. You could also get semolina pasta for less than a dollar if you are buying it at a bulk food store. This is because there is different quality in each.

Furthermore when you are looking for Egyptian cotton bed linen for a loved one, make sure they are going to be soft! The way to do this is make sure that the site is not selling cheap products that are made with low quality cotton. You can also make sure that the thread count is high. What you can also do is make sure that the products have gone through a singeing process which means they have been treated so they will not end up pilling later on. This will keep them soft and clean for much longer.

Egyptian cotton bed linenIf you are looking for products that are very soft you may be attracted to the Egyptian cotton bed linen because they are known for this. Again you should check the reviews and see what other people thought. You can also make sure that the fabric went through a singeing process which means it will be soft and not pill up a few weeks in. This is important because you do not want your new attractive sheets to look mediocre after only a short time. Continue reading

A little information about debt

What is a Debt Consolidation Loan?

As the name suggests, a debt consolidation loans takes the group of debts that you owe and consolidates them into one. This way you will start making only one monthly payment instead of the several you had been making thus far.

Since the Debt Consolidation loans can be paid off over a longer time period, your individual monthly instalments would also naturally be smaller in size. You can breathe easy about your other outstanding debts as a good debt consolidation service takes care of them for you! You no longer need to try and balance your multiple repayments at the end of each month.

Once you start your debt consolidation loan, you will find that your monthly payments are smaller, maybe even up-to 50% of your previous payments. You will have better cash flow and will be saved from filing from bankruptcy. You will make one monthly payment where you had been making multiple payments before your debt Consolidation loan started.

Take control of your debt

Don’t let debts take control of your life. Instead seek debt help and control your debts soon. You can discuss your debt help options with debt experts who will help you choose the option that would be best suited for your personal circumstances. Remember you need to find a debt solution and not aggravate your debt problem any further! Let experts analyze your situation and present to you the pros and cons of your options.

Imagine a life without any kind of financial pressure. You don’t have to fear answering your phone call or opening your mailbox. You can live the life you have dreamt of for long – a debt free life.

  • Develop a realistic budget : The first step towards fixing your finances is to do a realistic assessment of your income and expenditure. Track your spending pattern and prioritize your expenses. You can obtain information about budgeting and money management to help save money and pay off your debt in an affordable manner in little time.
  • Contact your creditors: When you feel that your debts are getting out of control you should contact your creditors and try and negotiate a payment plan that reduces your payments to suit your pocket.

If you feel that you are still not able to come to terms with your debt even after various efforts, it is advisable to seek professional debt help. You can consult a credit counseling organization if you cannot help yourself to a realistic budget or chart out an affordable repayment plan with your various creditors. There are many informative resources to help explain debt help options available to you. The advent of technology has helped create a convenient source for information and help-the Internet. Various online credit counseling agencies will offer you free debt help and advice so you choose the best way forward with little effort from your end.



Egyptian Cotton Bedding Sets – Luxury Bedding

Egyptian cotton bedding sets and Egyptian cotton sheet sets are made from Egyptian cotton, a highly luxurious cotton that is grown along the Nile river. it is used to make products that are soft and plush yet very durable. Egyptian cotton bedding sets are for those who absolutely refuse to compromise on quality and are not uncomfortable with paying a little higher than usual to see their homes and bedrooms decorated with one of the most beautiful materials known to man.

In addition to bedding sets, Egyptian cotton is also used to make bathrobes, shirts, chef’s coats, tablecloths, etc.

Why Egyptian cotton bedding sets?

You are probably wondering why you should invest in an expensive Egyptian bedding when you can buy perfectly good set, made from other durable materials, at much lower prices. Well, the answer is simple, Egyptian cotton sheet sets and bedding sets offer a luxurious experience that no other material can even begin to provide. Also, buying Egyptian bedding does not mean that you have to empty your savings. Although pricier than usual materials, Egyptian cotton is not very expensive or something that regular people cannot afford.

In addition to being luxurious, Egyptian cotton sheet sets and bedding sets are very soft, plush and comfortable. This, however, does not affect the durability of the bedding sets. Stuff made from this cotton is very strong and durable. The sheet, duvets and or covers will tear easily and these will not even get ruined with everyday use.

Another important property of Egyptian cotton is its ability to absorb liquid and this ensures that manufacturers come out with cotton that are of very vibrant and interesting colors (since the material soaks dyes real well, unlike most cottons and other materials). The colors last longer and do not even begin to fade away despite repeated washes.

Things to look for when buying Egyptian cotton bedding sets:

1) The percentage of Egyptian cotton used. The higher the percentage, the better the product. It is, however, noteworthy that it is much superior in quality and durability to most other cottons. Therefore, an Egyptian cotton sheet set of, say, a cotton percentage of 50% would be better than a sheet set made with any other cotton with a percentage of 60 or 70%.

2) The thread count of the products. A product made from any cotton is considered good quality if the thread count is 200 or more. Since Egyptian cotton is more durable and softer, a thread count of 200 would make the product superior. The higher the thread count, the better the Egyptian cotton bedding set.

Egyptian cotton bedding sets and Egyptian cotton sheet sets are perfect if you are looking to add some luxury and finesse to your bedrooms. When you set out to shop, you will be presented with so many beautiful bedding sets that it would be impossible for you to come back home without a set or two.

Egyptian Cotton Duvet Sets and Duvets

If you are looking to invest in something luxurious for the house, that also promises to be the most comfortable and durable thing ever, then it is time for you to invest in some nice Egyptian cotton duvet sets. In essence, a duvet is a type of a blanket for the bed. It is crafted to look like a large bag and filled with wool, silk, feathers, etc. With a duvet set in place, you do not have to worry about buying separate blankets or sheets.

Why Egyptian Cotton?

Egyptian cotton is one of the most luxurious materials known to man. It comes directly from Egypt and is know the world over for its softness and plushness. Despite being so luxurious, the material is not delicate. In fact, it is one of the most durable materials around. It is also highly absorbent so when dyed in different colors, things made from Egyptian cotton do not fade for a long, long time.

Egyptian-Cotton-Duvet-SetsEgyptian cotton duvet sets are the perfect addition to very bedroom. No matter what your taste, there is no way you would not like Egyptian cotton duvets. It is noteworthy that while Egyptian cotton is a fantastic and is considered one of the most posh materials around, one does not have to be super rich in order to be able to afford Egyptian cotton duvet sets.

Now, you might feel that it is better to spend less and get regular cotton duvet sets, but it is worth mentioning that in the long run, you would end up spending more. Egyptian cotton is much more durable than regular cotton. Therefore, Egyptian cotton duvet sets and Egyptian cotton duvets would last much longer than those made from regular cotton, that you might have to replace real soon, spending just about the same, or maybe even more money overall.

Where to buy Egyptian Cotton?

Egyptian duvet sets and Egyptian cotton duvets can be purchased from most home stores. You can also find them online. While you might feel that buying from a branded seller is a better option, there is an important factor to consider – it is easier to find good deals online and you could end up paying much less for the products if you buy them through an online store. Whichever source you choose, you can rest assured that you will not have to struggle to find good quality duvet sets.

Caring for Egyptian Cotton:

– fluff the Egyptian cotton duvets every morning, or after every use.

– clean the duvets and duvet covers at regular intervals.

– only wash the Egyptian cotton duvets in large, commercial machines.

– follow the manufacturer’s instructions well when washing or cleaning cotton duvet sets.

Egyptian cotton duvet sets are available in a range of attractive colors, styles and patterns. When you set out to buy a set or two, you will be presented with a lot of choices. The best thing to do is to either match the Egyptian cotton duvets with the decor of your bedroom or buy duvet sets that are of a color that is very different from the walls and other decor. This will ensure they stand out and catch the eye at once.

Personal Injury Claim Online

Kenneth Clarke outline plans to allow personal injury claims online. Under the same proposals, those seeking a compensation claim would need to try mediation before applying to court.

It was part of a series of measure designed to free up our courts and speed up compensation claims, while also lowering the rising cost to insurers and their customers.

According to researchers, the average legal cost of a compensation claims is now 142% of the award, up from 56% in 1999. The average award has also increased by 33% and the fees themselves are up almost 300%. No legal system can maintain, or justify such rises, especially in a challenging financial climate.

The Proposals

The changes to compensation claims proposed are to allow personal injury claims online up to a value of £50,000. This is to reduce court time, speed up resolution and control the spiralling legal fees.

Personal Injury ClaimThere are also plans to ban convicted criminals from making compensation claims. This is a very welcome move that will save around £5 million in costs to the Treasury. It means anyone serving time will not have access to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

Well-documented claims include Ian Huntley making a compensation claim for £15,000 for injuries he sustained while in custody. These type of claims also include controversial claims in which burglars have demanded money for injuries sustained when escaping the scene of the crime. Thousands is also paid out every year to criminals who sustain injuries in prison as a result of feuds and drug-fuelled violence.

There will also be changes to the way companies represent themselves to their potential clients and how they list fees. The changes include a distance-selling type cooling off period for all contracts and a written statement of charges for each client considering a compensation claim.

The biggest change will be to remove compensation claims for less than £2,500. This is by far the most controversial change. It means anyone who suffers anything up to facial disfigurement, loss of taste or smell or a fractured skull would no longer be entitled to claim.

Thanks to the tariff system already in place for compensation claims, we know precisely who will and who will not be affected by this and those injuries form part of those who will.

This also include serving police officers, paramedics and other frontline units who put themselves at risk on our behalf. While fair in theory, the reality of these limits will hurt an already overstretched emergency service system. If nothing else, emergency services should be exempt from these cuts.

The Effect of Making a Personal Injury Claim Online

While it would be easy to wax lyrical about the political outrage some of these changes would bring, for the most part, these changes are positive.

The ability to bring a personal injury claim online will make life easier for everybody. That is as long as the website that controls it is designed and implemented properly. Making a compensation claim can be a long, drawn out process involving a lot of court time. Continue reading